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Tomáš Mach: Music

アフリカの角 HORN OF AFRICA by Hiroko Matsumoto

(Hiroko Matsumoto & Tomáš Mach)
Lyrics by Yoshiaki Kajiwara and Hiroko Matsumoto

Horn of Africa


The sky, the sea, the wind, the land

mountains, rivers, water, people


Where are we going?

No one will share their water

Who is drinking the water.

The fallen are left behind

No hand to reach out for them

In the red land, The sun will also set today


Asking for help, yet nobody answers

I too don’t have any answers

Continued to be overwhelmed by life

People walking next me are dying

but they have no choice but to rely on others

The sun will also set today, as well as tomorrow


Where are we going?

We have no water in this barren path

Yet nobody answers

People sing, people mourn

many killed by neglect, but many continuing to live

From the darkness, the sun will also set today