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Tomáš Mach: Music

ソマリアのこと SOMALIA by Hiroko Matsumoto

(HIroko Matsumoto & Tomáš Mach)
Lyrics by Yoshiaki Kajiwara and Hiroko Matsumoto



Where in Somalia?

Where there are suffering children

Isn’t it strange that I don’t know a thing about it?

What can we do?


In a blink of an eye, lives are lost

In the eyes of the starving, lives are lost

The world is not worthless.

Life is so precious

Let’s think about it together


Should we think that Somalia is a foreign country?

Children with no tomorrow, no future

Should out hearts ignore this problem?

What can we do?


Before one can help, lives are lost

Stacking on the roadside, lives are lost

I wish hearts would open

Our hope will not be lost

Let’s think about it together


Is Somalia a county of dreams?

Breast feeding on dead mothers

This news can’t be true!

What can we do?


Victims of avarice, lives are lost

As they are called weak, lives are lost

Give children some hope.

That there is something to heal their hearts

Let’s think about it together