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Tomáš Mach: Music

安心院のワインに添えて WINE OF AJIMU by Hiroko Matsumoto

(Hiroko Matsumoto & Tomáš Mach)
Lyrics by Yoshiaki Kajiwara and Hiroko Matsumoto

Wine of Ajimu

When my heart grows tired

There’s a place I want to go

The place where we met

The place that makes my heart flutter

Tempted by Ajimu’s wine

There are things I wish to say to you

When we had a connection

It was a wonderful time

Because you didn’t say goodbye

I still feel regret

This blue melody makes me lament under the night’s moon

Tipsy, I put the glass near my face

You didn’t show any sign of loneliness

Discretely I call out to you



We grow through separation

Makes me want to be distant

Not able to show me feelings, I stand still

A journey I have yet to take

Enchanted by Ajimu’s wine

I would like to forget

But, I most likely cannot.

Now, at this moment

I don’t hear about you

I bind Shion flowers (I will not forget you)

A faint magical breeze

Would hear my request

My heart wishes for happiness

I hope it takes it to that special person